JPAD Light

JPAD Light, version 1.5_20171008, mis en ligne le 15 octobre 2017.

JPAD Light

JPAD Light

JPAD Light allows taking a screenshot every X minutes (X=5, 15 or 30 minutes, selectable by the user) of the ©Microsoft Windows desktop from the computer (PC) on which the app is running. After each screenshot taken, the app saves it in JPG format in the directory the app is installed and can send the screenshot to a FTP server (when FTP feature is enabled). When the monitoring period is over, the app can execute specific actions selectable among a predefined list. This design has been specified in order to capture the window progress displayed by Lightspace CMS from Light Illusion when it makes a display profile.

Release Note

Revision 1.5.

This version comes with a user manual.


Tested on windows 10 64b and Seven Pro 64b

last update: 15/10/2017 (15th of October 2017)

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